SINCE 1640.


The Adler is the oldest inn in Ischgl. It was first documented in 1640 and was owned by the Zangerl dynasty of judges for centuries. Today, following its various stages of redevelopment, renovation and expansion, the outward appearance of the Adler features a high quality architectural style inspired by the Baroque era. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the ‘Zum Goldenen Adler’ guesthouse established the good reputation which it still maintains today. Even Archduke Johann of Austria once stayed with the Zangerls in Ischgl (in 1801). At that time, he probably dined in the magnificent ‘Richterstube’ (judge’s lounge) which was added to the inn by Judge Christian Zangerl senior (who held the post of judicial office from 1739 to 1751) in a Baroque style in 1742. Today the ‘Richterstube’ is famous and has been largely preserved in its original style at the Hotel Adler, making it by far the oldest restaurant in Ischgl.

Johann Florinus Kurz purchased the pretty building in 1888. He and his descendants maintained and nurtured the property, rebuilding, expanding and redeveloping it while respecting its rich history and hosting famous faces from Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway to Alfons Walde, until the Goldener Adler finally became what it is today: a successful symbiosis of past and present. A place of recreation, pleasure and longing.